Completing the dual purpose guiding solution for lenses & Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope

My plan: to use a Starlight Express Lodestar & 300mm mirror lens to provide guiding for both a 6″ Celestron SCT & a variety of Canon lenses. The problems: how to put the camera & lens together and then how to mount them securely to the dovetail & CG5 (ASGT) mount. The solution? A Mogg adapter!


That’s right, all the way from Australia in only ten days from when I ordered it, the much anticipated adapter arrived last weekend. It’s bottom right in the picture above, the other items being: Manfrotto mount plate, Lodestar camera & Super Paragon 300mm f5.6 Mirror Lens. The adapter is light but sturdy and has a tripod mount thread in its base.


The Lodestar’s type ‘C’ thread screws neatly onto one side of the adapter whilst the lens’ Pentax bayonet fixes to the other side. Using the Manfrotto plate the whole assembly can now be fixed to the bottom of my dual camera mount dovetail (see previous post for details). The picture above illustrates this setup. It can also be mounted directly to the C6SCT tube via the Piggyback camera bracket. The complete solution is light & rigid enough for this to be a secure & balanced fitting. It was in this (SCT) guise that I tested it last night, as in the picture below:


It’s been cloudy here for weeks but last night there was a clearish gap between 2-30am & 4-am. Typically it was the night of the full moon (see picture above)  and misty with it, so no deep sky imaging but plenty of time for testing the camera/lens performance. As promised by Mogg adapters the adapter dimensions are just right for obtaining infinity focus with some adjustment room both ways. What to image? Well the moon seemed like a suitable test subject …


I’m quite pleased with that as a single test image and when picking a star as the target, the computer confirmed good tight focus too. Now what I really need are some beautiful clear nights; I’ll keep dreaming 🙂

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