Foswilde Fireberry

Foswilde Fireberry

Hey guys! Look over here! {BOOM} Woohoo, wasn’t that fireball cool. Man you lot need to lighten up; I mean it might never happen or it probably already has – either way no point in worrying about it.

What me? Who am I? Where’ve you been! I’m Foswilde, Fossie to my friends. I’m loud, passionate, a bit brash and full of mischief. That makes everything OK you know, least that’s what I tell myself.

You wanna know a bit more about me – well its that or I continue with putting a fireball up some villain’s chuff – you do, great:

  • Race, who cares about race anymore – alright I’m a Fire Genasi or maybe I’m an Elf – don’t quite know what you’d say really – tell me a joke and ask me again sometime.
  • Class & training, the street school of hard knocks. That rogue has gotta get out of me somehow – Arcane Trickster that’s me.
  • Don’t even think of asking about religion – the only one looking out for you is you and you’d better remember that. Doesn’t mean to say I can’t take out the bad guys though. Making the world a better place, one fireball at a time and doing it artfully – I love art.
  • Chaotic Neutral of course – I don’t want to hurt the innocents and all that but you know what they say about making omelettes. Somebody has to make the hard decisions if we’re going to get rid of the evil fiddlesticks of the realms.
  • Allies & allegiances, I don’t know how it happens but somehow I’m in good standing with both the Harpers and the Lords Alliance. Then there’s the Fabulous Fablers; that’s all Mysty‘s fault. Last but not least, my beautiful Phoenix familiar – now she’s real hot. Mind you, so is Doubblith ♡ but that’s another tale {winks}.
Diorama of Foswilde, on the attack.
Diorama of Foswilde, on the attack.

Well now you’ve got me talking, I might as well tell you a little of my story – but promise not to tell cause not many know about my past..

Parents & early life:

My parents were both elves from a small isolated group. It was a close knit rural community – each family knew the other for many generations back. When I was but a babe in swaddling there was apparently some unease due to the differing hue of my skin & my somewhat striking hair. I did not remind people of my parents but of something else. Whilst definitely theirs, showing some family traits, nimbleness and pointy ears amongst them – I was too different, a freak, a throwback.

As I grew older I heard warnings to my parents, that old superstition tells of Djinni & Efreet who visited our lands many years ago. Some lay with our ancestors leaving behind the seeds for future trouble. Then, when I was 7 years old, another child was teasing me – I flew in to a rage, fireballs bursting forth from my hands, my hair crackled & sparked – the building caught fire..

The kid was incinerated, my mother was horribly burnt and my father lay badly injured – I do not know if he survived or not, because I was chased from the community – vilified for a power that no one had taught me how to control – punished for being bullied by the other kids in the tribe.

I wandered aimlessly for months, living off the land, trying not to burn the summer forest or the leaffall foliage (Marpenoth). Eventually, as the cold of Nightal began to bite, I came across a town. That winter I began to learn the tricks of my trade – vital for survival. I was not accepted by the other street urchins and after causing a fire whilst involved in a brawl, I had to move on again; during Ches of the following year. Many tendays on the roads followed but I do not desire to tell those further tales right now. One day I shall tell of the city beggings and of how a Druid named Mysty saw some good in me, and saved me from that existence & brought me back to nature; but that is not for today.

Now git before my patience wears thin, heed ye well there is a dark fiery one who will reek gleeful havoc on those who mistreat kids.. or birds… or art…. or the dead!

Fossie – colourful & too hot to handle?

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