Dehanding Time

An artistic collaboration between Tamsin & myself.

“The Hummingbird of Time appears within our realm, tearing a small black-hole into the fabric of our space-time. As it travels ever nearer, a shadow of itself begins to emerge. The hands fall from the clock, the stars cast shadows from their glow and the arrow of time itself is left displaced in chaos.”

Tamsin has recently completed drawing a “Time Hummingbird”. This is a world building character from the background history of a project that she and her friends are working on. I love the character that she’s drawn, using what is fast becoming her signature technique – hand drawn characterisations in Graphite & Ink, that she then moves to digital medium to add colour & finishing touches.

I was so taken with this latest piece of hers that I asked her if I could set the character in a background that befitted it. Tamsin seemed interested in what I might come up with and so the HD desktop “Dehanding Time” was born.

LOL – Perhaps it shows that we’re currently both subscribed to a Physics lecture series about the science & philosophy of time.

The Hummingbird of time removes the hands of the clock.

If you’d like to follow Tamsin’s artwork, I’d suggest Deviant Art as the best location and her work will of course be appearing on Natures Universe in the fullness of time.

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