Adventures of the Fabulous Fablers

An Elf, a Fire Genasi, a Half Eladrin and a Tiefling meet in an Inn… no really it’s true. We actually did form our merry band in a Neverwinter tavern. This is the story outline of our continuing adventures & escapades across the Forgotten Realms; kept for our own reminiscences and shared for the fun 🙂

More information about the party characters will be available at any links posted below:

  • Foswilde Fireberry
  • Kaduk {unknown Family}
  • Mysty Marie
  • Tylissa Rhiara Quen
  • Madam Doubblith de Noirvare {NPC}
  • Claire Ansirtair Akenamitore{NPC}

[Please Note: all references of the Dungeons & Dragons game system are copyright Wizards of the Coast]

If you’re with us, come along each week when I’ll aim to post a new little update. In time, I’ll also post a few DM resources for free download. Our adventures are partly home-brew, partly official published books – beware of potential spoilers. 

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