I guess I’m many things – a photographer, a conservationist, a horse trainer, a parent & home educator. I live in Wales and have many interests revolving around my family and the natural world.

My Blog

As you will quickly notice my blog is very photographically based, many pictures will expand to give you a larger view / more data, so do try clicking on things. The subject matter for my photography varies, sometimes its astronomy targets and at other times its natural history. I take studio shots & horse portraits too.

If you’re interested in a specific topic area, just select the relevant section link on the left-hand sidebar. I’ll try to make many of my posts factual, not just photos & opinions; but you’ll still come across my personal opinions too. Feel free to leave relevant comments if you would like to. You can also search my blog using the search box. If you need to contact me then please use the contact form on my photography site.

Four Questions

AnnMarie, how would you describe yourself?

A bit alternative perhaps. Loner, Druid, Eccentric – they’d all be fair. In medieval times I’d probably have been burnt at the stake for witchcraft. In bullet points:

  • The mountains & woodland are my home, the wildlife my friends
  • I like public speaking / reading but social chit chat, I have to work at that & prefer to avoid it.
  • I love role play & fantasy / sci-fi stories
  • Science, philosophy & numbers are intriguing to me
  • Art is a vital form of self-expression for me

How would a shrink describe you?

Well one called me “A smart confident young woman” (a few years ago now) so bless him for that 😊

In terms of professional testing quotients then their summary has been:

I.Q. (Intelligence) 155 significantly above average

E.Q. (Empathy) 127 above average

A.Q. (Autism) 35 (70%) significant autistic traits

Psychometric character type: inconclusive

So to put it simply, maybe just: “capable oddball”

And other people, what would they say?

Not really for me to judge, but:

On the good side: apparently, I’m a good listener, honest & faithful.

On the downside: not social, easily upset if knocked out of routine and I daren’t write what my ex would call me!

What do you want out of life?

Similar to what I’ve wanted for years now.

  • A peaceful existence helping nature where I can.
  • To help my daughter to live the life that she wants to live.
  • To produce photography & artwork that promotes smiles, well-being & knowledge.
  • To have a few horses around me, as well as the wildlife.
  • To continue learning until the end and to then leave this world quickly & quietly.


By profession, I’m a photographer and a horse trainer; having been passionate about them both since childhood.

Earlier in my life I have held positions as Management Consultant, Management Accountant & Systems Engineer / Technician.

Life & Interests

I live in a beautiful wooded area of north-west Wales (UK). I have a wonderful daughter. We’re both very interested in the conservation of our planet and the fascinating things that live here with us all.

When I get the chance I enjoy reading a good book (or listening to one) – here are some that I’ve read fairly recently:


There’s more book goodness on my blog’s ‘book’ page (thank you Sherlock) or you could visit my Goodreads profile.

Academically I studied a wide variety of subjects at school before specialising to study Physics, Chemistry & Biology to advanced level. At University my top specialities were Nutrition, Physiology & Biochemistry. I subsequently worked in Industry gaining Managerial, Accounting & Computing experience before leaving to start my own business. I am also a certified Medical Laser operator.

I enjoyed the challenge of home educating my daughter. And I look forward to continuing to enhance the habitat for our local wildlife and hopefully putting smiles on peoples’ faces with my photography.

Whilst peace and quiet is great, there’s also plenty of occasions when I need a soundtrack to my life. I enjoy all sorts of music but I guess I’m a bit of rock chick at heart. Here’s some of what I’ve been listening to recently:

Recent Listens

I don’t think I can simply list all my other interests but amongst the many things I enjoy here are some of the top ones:

  • Climbing Mountains
  • Cooking & eating fine foods
  • Good red wines
  • Music & Dance
  • Seeking knowledge & understanding
  • Being creative
  • Solitude to think

And finally like most Brits, I often talk about the weather. Here’s the current read out from our weather station:

Current Weather