Social Media – Reflections On

Personal reflections upon social media and why I am reducing my use of it. I guess it all started for me back in the early – mid nineties, before widespread access to the world wide web. Access to bulletin boards (like those on CompuServe) and to internet newsgroups, opened...


Gaming Photography

Game Photography – is an interesting & growing new art form. Here’s an image that I made just for the fun of experimentation. Captured from CDPR’s The Witcher 3 using Nvidia’s new ‘Ansel’ interface. The resulting 360deg image was then projected using a small world projection in GoPro’s VR...


Teenatoo Portrait

Just finished doing a portrait of “Teenatoo”, my chestnut thoroughbred mare. The digital painting is produced in oils and has soft pencil remarks around the mount. You can see a small version by clicking the image below: She’s quite a character and this was a fun piece of artwork...