Flowers in the Rain

Floral macro photography can be very rewarding; and there are many different techniques & styles. The other evening it came on to rain lightly, just as darkness was falling, and this gave me the opportunity to take a few shots that I have been waiting to do. Whilst I do take some controlled studio shots I much prefer to take natural uncontrived shots with the subject untouched. This is definitely the place for fine manual focus & ring flash units. I’m not going to babble on, I’d rather let the images speak for themselves …

_MG_7615  Water Lily closing for the night.


_MG_7612  Gladioli bloom in darkness.

A little ambient light is helpful to assist you with manual focus, so dusk is the moment for this. Also don’t forget to avoid getting your equipment too damp! 

_MG_7601  Rose & Droplets


_MG_7614  Iris Leaf

Whilst an SLR, with the right lenses & flash, is definitely no hindrance, you can achieve pretty interesting results with your digicam set to macro/close-up/flower mode. Just be careful of your lighting, the on camera flash will not illuminate an object that is very close to the camera. Experiment with a penlight torch, use a tripod, use the cameras self-timer; there’s lots of creative fun to be had.


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