Wonderful Welsh Weather

One of the many things that I love about Wales, is its variable weather. Yes it does rain frequently but it’s also so changeable; which means it’s rarely boring and sometimes quite dramatic.

Take the last few days for example …

A couple of days ago my photography took me to the coast and we decided to mix business with pleasure by making a family day of it.


The weather was glorious, clear blue skies, strong hot sunshine and a comfortably warm sea as well. Conditions on Aberdaron beach were fabulous.


Jane & Tamsin enjoyed a swim in the sea and a bit of rock pooling whilst I worked on some photography.


The flowers at the base of the sandy cliffs were also enjoying the sun.

I was well aware that a frontal system was approaching from across the Irish Sea. Indeed part of my plan included a desire to catch some interesting clouds over the coastal landscape or failing that, a colourful sunset.

So after a bite to eat we left Aberdaron and drove across to Porth Oer. As expected the north western skies built up and produced a pleasing display.


An added bonus for our journey home was a clear inland sky with a glorious full moon.


So where’s the contrast in this weather? Well that front I mentioned; it has brought us several days of stormy weather with over 3 inches of rain falling in a 24 hour period. This is what Tal-y-llyn looked like at the end of those 24 hours:


With boats a bobbing, water bursting out of its banks and clouds ready to release another deluge.

And now, thankfully, we’re expecting a few finer days again.


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