Jupiter & a golden Moon over Corris

Last night the moon set behind Corris at about 9 ‘o’ clock, Jupiter was also shining brightly in the same section of sky.

Jupiter & Moon over Corris



 40s f4.5 ISO200 22mm




This was the view from my home at 9pm last night. The village of Corris is beneath the setting moon, to the right of the image are lights from Aberllefenni; Jupiter is the bright object half way from the moon to the top left corner. The original picture shows at least 25 stars but they may be lost in the small version above.

The small picture below shows the same view in daylight (this morning).



 1/640s f5.6 ISO100 24mm


Atmospheric conditions can effect the colour that the moon appears to us, sometimes creating the beautiful rich hues that we were treated to last night.

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