Disasters & a 74% waxing moon

Well the bad news first, I’m currently out of the game with my deep sky astroimaging. At least I’m assuming that’s what a big flash followed by a nasty burning smell, both emanating from my astro control PC, is likely to mean! Oh well I have a huge amount of work to do anyway, so a month or two without pulling all nighters might be just as well.

That said, its only been 2 weeks and already I’ve found the need to go out and do some solar system imaging. The moon was particularly beautiful the other night, so …

Moon at 74% waxing   Click image to see a larger version from my astro gallery …

Image Details:

  • Object:   Moon
  • Camera:  Canon 40D
  • Optics:   Celestron 6” SCT
  • Aperture: f10
  • ISO: 100
  • Filter: None
  • Exposure:  1/30s
  • 2 image mosaic
  • Tamsin came out to help but at –7C we started to get a bit chilled after an hour or so; the Chilli went down so well afterwards 🙂

    Anyway it was nice to image the moon again, I haven’t done so in a while and this one being, a mosaic, might just find itself as a large poster on my wall.


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